I have been a treasure hunt enthusiast since the age of six when I would lead my parents around our backyard with a simple set of rhymes. At Whim, our treasure hunts lead people across cities and through cyberspace. The general concept is the same, but we have education, experience, and funding that six-year-olds haven't yet acquired.

The first large-scale treasure hunts that I worked on were not for a business: they were for friends. Lasting anywhere from a week to months, my friends and I directed each other across our college campus with increasingly elaborate networks of clues. Our everyday lives were transformed into cinematic worlds, with staged drug deals, car chases, and puzzles that took days to unravel.

Creating Whim      

It was these hunts that inspired Whim. After searching online, I realized that treasure hunting businesses didn't exist, at least not how I envisioned them. There were companies that made scavenger hunts with trivia and lists of objects for people to collect, but these were a far cry from the adventures that my friends and I had designed. The few companies that offered creative excursions were dedicated to team building for corporations. Whim was created to bring normal people an experience they would remember for the rest of their lives. It was created so that everyone could have the same thrills and excitement that my friends and I had gone through... it was created to give people adventures.

Here's to excitement,

Graham Talley