Getting Down to Business        

Whim provides a variety of services for businesses. We create everything from word-of-mouth advertising campaigns to team building events. Our services do not improve eyesight, nor are they able to increase the Scrabble scores of your employees or customers. They will, however, save you money, increase your sales, and develop a more efficient, close-knit community within your company.


We create alternative, viral forms of advertising for your business. We will design a marketing campaign for your company, creating an online world revolving around your products and services. Let us design an adventure that will direct local residents to your business location. We also offer public hunts in Santa Barbara once per month with advertising spots available: sign-up to have your business as a location on the adventure, or use flyers and online sites about your business as clues on the hunt. Get a free estimate today for your advertising needs.

Team- Building        

Whim is your brilliant and modest solution for team building events. We will make a treasure hunt customized for your business: your employees will have to work together and pool their various skills to get through the clues that we will set up. Whim offers day events that will excite your employees and teach them to work together. Let us know what you are looking for and we will provide you with a free estimate today.