About Our Individual Hunts        

Each treasure hunt we make is unique to our individual client. We offer everything from the entertainment of solving challenging clues to what could be the adventure of a lifetime. Purchase a hunt for someone you know, and get them engaged in a thrilling mystery lasting anywhere from a day to a month.

Picture This        

You purchase a hunt in secret for someone you know. One day, while getting lunch at their favorite deli, they find a note delivered with their bill. It gives a place to rendevouz at noon the following day. Unsure of what is going to happen, they get there early to survey the possibilities. Everything is suspect. Pedestrians are milling about, a man is handing out flyers about saving the environment, a hot dog vendor is shouting at passers-by. After waiting uneventfully for three or four minutes, our unknowing treasure-hunter decides to kill time by taking a flyer. "Save the environment," the man says, handing over one of his announcements.

After glancing down and recognizing their name on the paper, the treasure-hunter snaps their head up in amazement. Before they can say anything, the man throws the rest of the hand-outs at them and runs, as fast as he can, down the sidewalk. Left in shock, they look down again at the flyer, which, to a cursory inspection, is perfectly normal. They know, however, that somewhere on it is their next clue, and they have no idea where it will lead.

Hunt Details        

On the most basic level, our hunts are a chain of clues; the solution of one clue directs you to the next until you reach the end. That only begins to describe a Whim experience, however. Below is a list of options that will turn your treasure hunt into an epic quest. Throw someone into a world of intrigue where each clue promises a new adventure: a meeting with a stranger, an unmarked key, tailing a suspicious man along a crowded street, GPS co-ordinates, a cell phone that rings from inside of a P.O. Box. Our treasure hunts are more than scavenger runs, they're adventures.


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