About Group Hunts        

Like our other treasure hunts, group hunts are custom designed for each individual. However, there are several basic categories to choose from. Group hunts can be designed much like like individual hunts, with an adventure that unravels over time: the only difference being that there are multiple people working their way through each stage of the hunt (for an example of this type of hunt, see the sample clues section). Group hunts can also be designed as an event for parties or get-togethers. In this case they usually last for a single day, and the hunts are either cooperative or competitive (described below).

Single Day Group Hunts        

These are the perfect event for occasions such as birthday parties or office get-togethers. We will tailor a hunt to suit the needs of your group, whether you want a simple treasure hunt to entertain children outdoors or a more complex series of clues to lead people around an office. Decide whether you want a cooperative hunt (where it is necessary for everyone to work together to solve all of the clues) or a competitive hunt (in which your group is divided into several teams which then compete against each other to get through the clues first).

Details of the Hunts        

If you are looking to plan an adventure that lasts more than one day, the individual hunts page will supply you with a list of options and details. You can also look at the sample clues page for an idea of what a long-term group hunt might be like.

Group hunts for specific events are a very different thing from these long-term adventures. They are created as an entertaining challenge that will spice up your function. If you are looking to put on a group treasure hunt for your event, get ahold of us and we will design everything to fit what you have in mind. We will send a facilitator for the event to your location to make sure that the hunt goes smoothly: they set everything up, introduce the hunt, provide extra hints if some clues are especially hard, and debrief everyone. We will also arrange for whatever kind of "treasure" (or prizes for the winning team, if your hunt is competitive) you would like to be at the end of the hunt. If you would like, we will also take care of other extras, such as catering or a DJ. Get a free estimate for your treasure hunt today.